Special Correspondent

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The Opposition Leader Oommen Chandy has said that the final round of discussions for the revamp of the DCC presidents, to be held in Delhi, would consider various factors while selecting new nominees.

Replying to questions at a press conference here on Thursday, Mr. Chandy said a lot had been written about the revamp, but it was only now that it had assumed an official nature. The norms for selecting the nominees, including whether the former DCC presidents should once again be given the job, would be discussed.

The only thumb rule that the party wanted to follow was to ensure a fair deal to all sections.

He said there would be no classifications such as former DIC leaders. All were Congressmen and efforts would be made to find suitable accommodation. However, there was bound to be some heartburns, he admitted.

Mr. Chandy said that there were no groups in the party, but there were leaders with strong opinions who would not hesitate to air them openly. And a fair decision would be taken, he said.