Enforcement of the ban on plastic carry-bags is going on in full swing in Kozhikode city for the past one week. However, housewives are a confused lot whether the ban is for all types of plastic carry bags.

Civic authorities say that plastic bags below the thickness of 20 microns are banned based on a order issued by the District Collector four years ago. But campaigns launched by the Corporation in July through various modes including local television channels before its enforcement stated that plastic bags less than the thickness of 30 microns will be prohibited in the city. Later, Mayor M. Bhaskaran clarified that plastic carry-bags below the thickness of 20 microns would be banned.

The Corporation's Health Department say they cannot exactly determine the measure of micron of plastic bags, as they do not have the equipment for that purpose. So they have decided to collect samples from plastic manufacturing units at West Hill, Panniyankara and Mankavu to examine thickness of plastic bags.