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Sixteen persons undergoing treatment at Medical College Hospital

Ten suspected cases at General Hospital

Awareness campaign launched in district

KOZHIKODE: Three persons admitted to Medical College Hospital here for treatment of fever have died due to leptospirosis (Weil’s disease) in the last couple of days.

MCH sources said Sheeja, 35, of Nadakkave Kuzhakandiparambil died of leptospirosis on November10. On November 9, two more deaths were reported from the MCH due to the disease. Abdul Rehman and Mohammed of Tamarassery died due to the infection.

Medical authorities, while admitting that 12 persons died in the district with symptoms similar to Weil’s disease in the last fortnight, opined that it was not possible to come to a conclusion that all deaths were due the disease.

As many as 16 persons were undergoing treatment for symptoms similar to the disease. Ten suspected cases of the disease were reported from General Hospital (Beach).

“It is too early to say that all these persons died due to leptospirosis. A full-fledged audit was necessary to come to any conclusion on the actual cause of deaths,” District Medical Officer in-charge M. Shyamala said.

Dr. Shyamala said test results of blood samples of victims would give a clear picture. The antibody Immuno Globalin (IGM) test of the blood samples was expected to confirm the disease.

High fever, severe body pain and jaundice were symptoms of Weil’s disease.


If diagnosed and treated early, the disease is curable. Three persons in the district were earlier reported to have died due to suspected leptospirosis at the MCH.

District Medical Officer, however, said medical investigation confirmed that one of them died due to jaundice.

In the wake suspected cases of leptospirosis being reported from different places in the district, district health authorities have launched awareness campaigns on the dangers of contracting the infection from decaying waste and bathing in polluted water.

Manual labourers

Persons involved in manual labour should be careful as they were more susceptible to the disease. The need for consuming fresh food was also being highlighted.