: Those who were left out from the list of pilgrims chosen for this year's Haj pilgrimage owing to technical reasons can submit their complaints to the State Haj Committee office till Sunday.

The State Haj Committee had published the list of applicants who had been chosen for this year's pilgrimage without a draw of lots on Tuesday.

All applicants who did not figure in the list for Haj under government supervision in 2008, 2009, and 2010 were included in this list. Besides, all applicants who had turned 70 years of age on March 31, 2011, were selected. The remaining seats will be filled through the draw of lots.

1,300 slots more

According to a statement from the Haj Committee, only 1,300 more persons other than the 5,600 pilgrims already selected for the pilgrimage (without a draw of lots) will be able to go for Haj in the government sector as the State quota was only 6,908 ever after an increase of 208 this year. Last year, the State quota was 6,700.

This year, as many as 41,552 people had applied for the pilgrimage in the government sector from the State. According to sources, nearly 35,000 applicants will not be able to go for Haj under the State supervision this time as well.

Eligible candidates who did not figure in the already published list already should contact the Haj office on or before Sunday.

Details are available on the Haj committee website keralahajcommittee.org. The Haj office can be contacted on phone 0483- 2710717 or 2717571.