MCMC meeting reviews steps taken to prevent paid news

The election authorities have warned of a stringent clampdown against those using the new media and social networks, including Internet-based mobile messaging service like WhatsApp, for political vendetta and slandering of political opponents.

A meeting of the Media Certification and Monitoring Committee (MCMC), held here on Sunday, decided to intensify the monitoring of the social media in the wake of some slanderous incidents. Presiding over the meeting, District Collector K. Biju said that action would be initiated against anyone found using the mass media, including the Internet-based new media, for slanderous activities.

Mr. Biju asked WhatsApp and Facebook users to be vigilant against forwarding pictures, videos and texts of calumniating nature. “People should not fall prey to the designs of some vested interests,” he said.

Sub Collector Amit Meena, All India Radio Manjeri station chief M. Balakrishnan, District Information Officer V.P. Sulabha, MCMC nodal officer K.V. Vasudevan, election deputy collector M. Mohammed Basheer, and the Press Club president attended the meeting, which reviewed the activities initiated to prevent paid news in the media since the election code of conduct came into being.

The Collector requested people to alert the MCMC if they found any instance of paid news or political attack through spurious accounts on social websites, including WhatsApp and Facebook. The committee will investigate the root of such slandering messages and take action, he said.

Media cell

The media cell functioning in the election section of the Collectorate can be reached at 0483- 2734934. People can also directly approach the media cell with complaints.

The Election Commission (EC) of India will offer training for election officers and MCMC members on Monday afternoon on paid news monitoring, election code of conduct, and the working of MCMC. The training will be given through videoconferencing.

Employees warned

Staff Reporter writes from Palakkad: District Collector and returning officer K. Ramachandran has warned that government employees using the social media for election campaign will be proceeded against.

It had come to the notice of the government that some employees were using the social media for election campaign for certain political parties and candidates, he said adding that 78 cases had so far been detected in the district.

The Collector said action would be taken in such cases under the Kerala Subordinate Rule as the employees were not allowed to do campaign for any political party or candidate.

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