To prevent monsoon-time diseases in Kozhikode

In spite of the awareness programmes being carried on to prevent monsoon-time diseases, local bodies have failed to utilise funds allotted for taking disease prevention measures.

Expressing displeasure at the indifference of some local bodies towards disease-prevention programmes launched by the district administration, Collector P.B. Salim asked the officials concerned to expedite steps to prevent the outbreak of monsoon-time diseases.

Speaking at a meeting on monsoon-related diseases at the Collectorate on Tuesday, Dr. Salim directed the local bodies to expedite steps and submit reports without delay.

It was announced at the meeting that private hospitals were also being involved in these activities. These hospitals should display boards listing action that had to be taken to keep the surroundings clean.

Nursing institutes would be asked to send students to visit houses to build up awareness about disease-prevention measures. Private hospitals would have to lend services of doctors to combat the outbreak of diseases.

It was also decided to involve schoolchildren in cleaning and awareness programmes. Sundays would be observed as “dry days” for the students to clean their house compounds and five other houses in their neighbourhood and prevent water-logging. Government institutions would observe dry day on Mondays. Offices and premises have to be cleaned that day.

These precautions are being taken since many infectious diseases have been reported from different parts of the district.

Viral fever, rat fever, chikungunya, dengue fever, chickenpox, and conjunctivitis are among the infectious diseases against which alert has been sounded.

Besides the District Collector, Dr. Shoukath Ali from the National Centre for Disease Control, M.K. Appunni, District Medical Officer, and representatives of various departments and agencies attended the meeting.

  • Private hospitals too for awareness campaign

  • House visit by nursing students planned