Tests should be within the ambit of law

Referring to recent media reports about the ill effects of clinical trials on patients, the State unit of the Indian Medical Association has said that such trials are essential for developing new medicines and techniques. However, such tests should be conducted only after taking the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of patients, a statement issued here on Saturday said.

IMA State president K. Rajagopalan Nair said doctors and scientists usually made themselves or their own family members the test subjects. The discovery of the rabies vaccine and the X-ray would not have been possible without such trials.

He said most of the medicines were tested in foreign countries. But before introducing those medicines in the country, tests needed to be conducted to check whether they were effective on the people here.

He added that any such clinical trail should be within the ambit of the law and regulations already specified and those who violated them needed to be punished.