Citizens’ report card has been mooted for periodic performance evaluation of local self-government institutions and elected members for enhancing their accountability to the public.

The Kerala Institute of Local Administration (KILA) has put forward a series of recommendations on the basis of the suggestions that came up at an international seminar on decentralised planning and governance held under its aegis recently for institutionalising devolution of powers and funds to the local bodies.

The report card, being an effective feedback mechanism, is expected to help the public to assess the performance of each elected representative in their locale and also the development initiatives taken up by the local bodies.


A mechanism should be put in place for monitoring the implementation of the State Finance Commission recommendations. Devolution of funds could be made conditional to local bodies which agree to implement the recommendations.

The State government should pilot a piece of legislation for expanding the tax domain of panchayats and it should be made obligatory for the local bodies to levy taxes within this domain. Considering the acute funds crunch being faced by the local bodies, panchayats should be encouraged to borrow from financial institutions and emulate the PPP model to meet their infrastructure needs.

The grama sabhas should be the most important participatory body for implementation, monitoring, and audit of such schemes. It has also been proposed to launch citizen empowerment programmes such as the one organised by KILA for increasing mass participation in grama sabhas.

Thorough changes have been mooted in the Centrally sponsored schemes to make them more feasible.

The local area development schemes of MPs and MLAs should be integrated with the plans prepared by local bodies and training institutes should play a pivotal role in the convergence activities.

The recommendations have been drawn up on the basis of the deliberations of 251 delegates who represented 14 countries and 19 States.

  • Performance evaluation the objective

  • KILA suggestion follows international seminar