CPI(M) district secretary C.B.Chandrababu expressed profound grief at the death of CPI State secretary C.K.Chandrappan.

In a statement here, Mr.Chandrababu said that C.K had more than six decades of selfless public life. C.K, who forayed into public life through the student and youth organisations, played a role in the struggle for the liberation of Goa, when he was only 20 years old.

“He worked in a key leadership position of international youth movement and later in the Communist movement in India.

Union Minister of State for Power K.C.Venugopal in his condolence message said that he got in touch with the leader during his term as MP from Kannur.

“I was then in KSU and I admired him from a distance,” he recalled. The Minister said that ideology was never a piece to be exhibited for C.K. “ He was the last in the chain of real Communist leaders who accommodated criticism. Such a person was inevitable for Kerala,” he said.

President of the Travancore Coir Mats and Matting Manufacturers' Association, Sony J Kalyan Kumar said that C.K was ‘a decent, honest, far-sighted leader and a strong model Communist leader'. His death was a great loss to the country, he said.