Film: Entry (Malayalam)

Cast: Bhagath Manuel, Ranjini Haridas, Baburaj

Director: Rajesh Amanakara

Sorry, Ms. Ranjini, this cup of tea is not for you. The much-awaited ‘Entry’ of celebrity anchor Ranjini Haridas into Malayalam cinema is nothing but a huge fiasco.

It could not have been otherwise with her delivering dialogues the way she anchors on TV and with a face that tries hard not to betray an ounce of emotion.

Director Rajesh Amanakara has a good story and the script cannot be blamed for the debacle. The estranged ACP couple Rishikesh (Baburaj) and Shreya (Ranjini) tries to outdo each other professionally.

Both are in search of a five-member gang of motorbike thieves, led by Arjun (Bhagath Manuel). Arjun, a good rider, wants to take part in a bike race for its handsome prize money. He realises the trap too late.

The director could have paid a little more care to casting.

The dialogue delivery by most actors is so bad that the dialogues lose their punch. The characters of Arjun’s friends, who are with him all through, are underdeveloped and their names hardly register with the audience. The only commendable performance in the movie comes from Baburaj, who thankfully steers clear of his new-found flair for comedy. Suresh Krishna as the Commissioner has nothing to do but let his jealousy take over every now and then.

The music by Mejjo Joseph on Sharath Vayalar’s lyrics does not make a mark.

Aabha Anoop