Special Correspondent

Alleged bid on the life of E.P. Jayarajan

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The CMP leader and Cooperation Minister M.V. Raghavan has described the move to implicate him in the case connected with the attempt on the life of the CPI(M) leader E.P. Jayarajan as politically motivated. In a statement here on Thursday, he alleged that it was because the bid to involve him in the case connected with the death of five youths in the police firing at Koothuparamba failed that an attempt was being made to hound him over the attempt on life incident which took place 11 years ago. Even though a murder case was charged against him in the Koothuparamba case and he was jailed and harassed, the Supreme Court had quashed the FIR on it.

Mr.Raghavan said that it was from the newspapers that he learnt about the decision of the Ongole court in Andhra Pradesh to send notices to him and the Congress leader K. Sudhakaran in the attempt on life case. He had not received the summons so far. He could take legal steps and convince the court that the charge was part of a conspiracy only if he received the notice.

He claimed that an attempt was made to implicate him and Mr. Sudhakaran in the case right from the beginning. He alleged that the then Chief Minister E.K. Nayanar, his political secretary P. Sasi and Advocate General M.K. Damodaran had met the then Andhra Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu, and had exerted pressure on him to make them the accused in the case. It had failed because the Andhra police could not find any evidence to implicate them. He stated that it was probably for the first time in the country that a Chief Minister was resorting to the shameful task of exerting pressure on another to implicate Opposition political workers in a false case.

After that Mr. Jayarajan filed a private complaint in Thiruvananthapuram court. A Dy.SP who conducted the first investigation into the case too reported that there was no evidence to implicate them. His report was referred for further investigation to another Dy.SP. Mr. Sudhakaran obtained a stay at that stage and it was still in force.