A rendition of contemporary cantatas by three music groups — Asima, The Rising, and Ensemble 7 — will be held at the Cantata Festival to be held at Vyloppilly Samsrikriti Bhavan on Friday. A cantata is a short musical work sung by solo singers, often with a choir and orchestra.

Asima is a male choir and percussion ensemble from the city. The ensemble combines elements from India's rhythmic and melodic systems especially Vedic chanting and Indian folk music with western music. Directed by Devissaro, an Australian composer, the music is an integration of both western and Indian classical music.

The Rising is a 12-voice female vocal group from Stockholm, Sweden. The members of the group are currently on visit to India. The choir is directed by Cecilia Ohrwall, a singer, writer, and composer for films and theatre. She has visited India several times as a performer and teacher. The Rising is a three-part choir with soloists, performing contemporary music such as pop, jazz, musicals and Swedish folk music. They have already performed in Bangalore and Coimbatore.

Ensemble 7 is a meeting of upcoming playback and classical singers who wanted to try their hand at singing harmonies. Directed by Vineet, a classical pianist and composer, the group sings mainly original scores and also vocal arrangements of Carnatic and film music. Sponsored by SBT, the festival starts at 6.30 p.m. Admission is free.