Staff Reporter

KOCHI: Agencies like Swadeshi Science Movement and Vijnana Bharati have called for reconsidering the dredging work on Ramar Bridge for the Sethu Samudram Canal Project (SSCP).

Addressing the media, P.A. Vivekananda Pai, spokesperson for Swadeshi Science Movement, and A. Jayakumar, national secretary of Vijnana Bharati, said the Ramar Bridge acted as a natural barrier during the tsunami in December 2004 and reduced its impact on the coastal regions considerably.

The implementation of the SSCP would involve breaking and dismantling of the bridge and it would result in waves sucking in the coastline during another tsunami. No study had been made into this aspect before the work began, they said.

The area also housed over 3,600 species of plants and animals, including some endangered species of turtles.

They called for stopping the work immediately and considering alternative alignments.