Christy Fernandez, Principal Secretary to the President of India, has called for the formulation of State-level action plans, on the model of the National Action Plan on Climate Change, for facing regional challenges posed by climate change.

He was inaugurating a two-day national seminar on “Climate change: global risks, challenges and decisions” here on Thursday. The seminar was organised by the postgraduate and research department of Zoology attached to the Fatima Mata National College.

Dr. Fernandez said there was an urgent need to create awareness of an eco-friendly lifestyle. A careful strategy for the purpose had to be developed by respective countries. But the fact was that while taking decisions on facing climate change challenges, geo-political factors came into play.

He said that while India and China were developing countries, data showed that the latter was responsible for 23 per cent of the carbon dioxide emission while India was responsible for only 5 per cent. But at all international venues on the subject, India had been taking a responsible stand of being a partner to finding a solution, Mr. Fernandez said.