Staff Reporter

Expects an income of Rs.306.71 crore

  • Main source of income is non-plan grant from the Centre
  • Rs.11.48 crore for rejuvenating the education sector

    KASARAGOD: The annual budget of Kasaragod district panchayat presented in the council on Wednesday focuses on the revival of agricultural sector and aims to implement special packages for various sectors.

    The budget, introduced by vice-president Muhammed Mubarak Haji, expects an income of Rs.306.71 crore and an expenditure of Rs.288.39 crore. The budget shows a closing balance of Rs. 18.31 crores.

    The main source of income presented in the budget is the non-plan grant from the Centre and plan and non-plan grants from the State Government. The expected non-plan grant from the Centre is pegged at Rs.268.55 crores. The expected expenditure on capital account is Rs.277.27 crore.

    According to the budget, the district panchayat would coordinate the implementation of National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREGS) in the district. The Union Government's grant for the project in the district is expected to be Rs.225 crore. The scheme lays emphasis on poverty eradication, development of agricultural sector and ensuring employment.

    The budget promises to implement a programme, `Unarvu,' for rejuvenating the education sector. Rs.11.48 crore has been earmarked for the execution of Sarva Siksha Abhyan project in the district.