The Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) has never been a force to reckon with in the State, but it may get its first grama panchayat presidency soon.

The Koruthode grama panchayat in the district may witness the emergence of new political equations when election for the president is held on Wednesday. In the 2010 panchayat elections, the United Democratic Front (UDF) had bagged seven seats in the 13-member grama panchayat, but they could not field a presidential candidate for the Scheduled Caste (woman) seat since their candidate with the right qualifications was defeated in the elections. The UDF overcame the problem by wooing the lone CPI member, Vijayamma, with the offer of the post. She was elected, but this had given rise to lot of friction in the grama panchayat.

Later, the CPI went to the State Election Commissioner with the plea to declare Ms. Vijayamma disqualified for defection. The plea was granted in December 2012. Ever since, the vice president was holding charge of the president. The election for a new president has been scheduled for Wednesday and the UDF leadership is in the lookout for a candidate.

There are only two candidates who qualify for the post in the body: Seethamma of the CPI(M) and Bindu Biju of the BSP. The local Congress leadership has already contacted the BSP member with the offer.

Congress to support the party’s candidate in the president polls at Koruthode panchayat