Special Correspondent

KOCHI: Telecom service providers are all set to exploit the vast potential of Broadband and other advanced telecom features to convert the ubiquitous mobile phone to a device which fulfils the customers need for telephony, computing and e-business and Internet services.

Giving an overview of the convergence happening in the mobile telephony sector, Dr Jai Menon, group chief information officer of Bharti enterprises and the director of technology and customer service for AirTel told reporters here that utility digital services in the telecom, IT and Internet and multi media sectors would be the ‘in thing’ in the future.

Quoting various international trends he said that telephone bandwidth density was doubling every six months while the storage density is registering 100 per cent growth every 13 months. Computer processing power is also doubling every one and a half years . In a country like India with a population of over 1.25 five billion people, the tele density was only 45 per cent with about 488 million people enjoying fixed landlines. However, the revolution is waiting to happen in the Broadband sector which has a very low penetration of about 0.6 per cent at present. AirTel has already tied up in Bangalore and Chennai to exploit the Broadband prospects for regulating city traffic and easing the municipal tax collection and documentation, he said. He said AirTel is expected to come out with an announcement soon for a Broadband application after the completion of talks with civic and police authorities.

Airtel is intending to integrate the 4 screens (Mobile Screen, TV, Computer and the Silver screen) by offering services under a single brand to Mobile services, Broadband & Fixed Line, DTH –Satellite TV, Small & Medium Business’s, Large Corporations, Passive Infrastructure , he said. The company is also bullish about South Indian market and it will continue to offer its global standards of best technology to further propel the growth in Kerala.

He said that the focus of the company was also on the rural sector which contributes about 50 per cent of the revenue. The company will be participating in the 3G auction, he said.