The woman of the new generation has well realised the fact that the worst of times can also be the best of times. In a world that’s fast changing, she has liberated herself from the clutches of timidity with an amazing ease. She has seen her predecessors suffering in silence, most of who were destined to live their life confined to the four walls of the kitchen. But not anymore, as things are never the same again and have changed for the better. Today, the Indian woman has become a confident lot and sums up enough courage to assert her views, wherever and whenever.

 She has learnt to brave the world with oozing self-confidence, the hard way and she has persevered much to attain that status. And as such, today, they believe in creating their own milestones than chasing those set by others. They are united, powerful and hardworking. They do not shy away from calling the shots if an occasion demands so and love taking challenges both in their official and personal life. With certain issues like domestic violence and social indiscrimination still persisting to some marginal extent, the young generation has been successful in securing an equal status in every tier of the society.

 Apart from the political parties, the press in India , both print and broadcast, have also contributed remarkably in asserting the women's social, political and economic rights.

The woman of the new generation is conscious about her equality in society and does not shy away from storming the male bastions if that brings growth and development in her life. They also grab every opportunity that comes their way that can bring about a meaningful change in their lives in particular and that of the society in general. Thanks to the undeterred efforts of their predecessors, today, the women in India take life with much confidence and competence.

 Irrespective of their linguistic, cultural, economic and political differences, the woman of the new generation is confident enough to come together to consistently make their presence felt in almost all areas that were once considered to be the strongholds of men. And with more and more woman becoming independent and assertive, it’s time we rewrite the age old maxim from ‘a man’s world’ into ‘a woman’s world’.