Special Correspondent

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Developing and underdeveloped nations are finding it difficult to tackle brain drain, Senegalese film-maker Mama Keita has said.

Addressing a meet-the-press programme here as part of the International Film Festival of Kerala (IFFK) on Wednesday, Mr.Keita said that his film The Absence, which figures in the competition section of the festival, also speaks about the same issue.

With a thrust on brotherly affection, he is shedding light on the woes of Senegal which is trying hard to cope up with the problems thrown up by the educated youth migrating to greener pastures.

After expending substantial sum for acquiring knowledge, the best talent migrate to other nations in search of a better career and the country from which they hail stand to lose.

After studying law, he decided on film-making to make more meaningful interventions in society.

Malayalam film-maker Sohan Lal said that his film Orkkuka Vallapozhum is a sojourn to the past.

The film, inspired by a poem written by P.Bhaskaran in the same name, is a tribute to the poet. “Everyone tries to rewind the past. A journey to the past is a soothing experience. This film too is a reminiscence,” he said.

Lal who was active in producing television programmes does not find any difference in switching over to cinema. It is not the medium but the theme is what matters, he said.