An 11-year old boy was ran over by Ernakulam-bound passenger from Kayamkulam on Monday morning, resulting in people's agitation leading to a siege of the MC Road at Samkranthy, disrupting traffic over the road for over an hour.

Salman (11), son of Salim of Arafa Manzil, Chemmanampadi near Samkranthi, was going to the madrassa at Neelimangalam when the mishap occurred. A fifth standard student at Government UP School Parambuzha, Salman had reached the madrassa and was crossing the rails to take the key to the hall from the house nearby when the passenger train hit him. Though he was taken to Kottayam Government Medical College Hospital, he succumbed to injuries.

The rail line here passes through a populated area with majority of the houses being on the western side of the line. Construction of a subway here had been a long-standing demand of the people.