People likely to be displaced for widening the National Highway 17 stretch here sent a mass complaint to revenue officials on Thursday, protesting against the plan to acquire land for expansion of the road to a width of 45 metres in a build, operate and transfer (BOT) mode.

Hundreds of landholders sent the complaint to the Deputy Collector in charge of land acquisition, registering their refusal to surrender land for BOT operations. “We will not give an inch of our land for expanding the road to 45 metres in a BOT mode,” the complaint said.

Inaugurating the programme at Chelari, Indian National League State general secretary A.P. Abdul Wahab said the road could be expanded to six lanes with median and footpath even if the government acquired the land with a width of 30 metres.

He said the proposed road expansion would displace nearly 25,000 people, destroy major towns and lead to loss of several thousands of jobs. “All these are for implementing toll on the National Highway,” Mr. Wahab said underscoring that the land would not be given for the 45-metre expansion.

National Highway Action Council district chairman R.P. Azad presided over the function.

  • Landowners say they will not

    give up land

  • Submit mass petition to authorities