Part of activities to check spread of malaria in Nellikkode region

: As part of checking the suspected spread of malaria, the blood samples of 40 more persons hailing from Nellikkode region here were collected by the District Medical Department on Thursday. District Medical Officer Dr. T.V. Krishnan said the process of collecting blood samples would continue for a week.

“The collected samples will directly be tested under the leadership of District Lab Technician so as to ensure accuracy in the result,” the DMO said. He added that no fresh cases of malaria were reported from any part of the district.

The DMO said the National Vector Control Unit had previously collected the blood samples of 200 persons from the Nellikkode region.

“More than half of the collected samples had already been tested by the technicians and there were no confirmed cases of malaria.”

The Vector Control Unit functioning under the District Medical Department had earlier undertaken field studies in certain areas close to Nellikkode following the suspected outbreak of malaria among migrant labourers.

The study was undertaken as 11 cases were then confirmed. Health Department officials said more vector control drives would be undertaken as part of the source reduction process.

  • 11 cases confirmed in the region in field studies
  • Focus on vector control measures