Special Correspondent

Thiruvananthapuram: Union Minister of State for External Affairs E. Ahmed has said that the Centre will examine and take a suitable decision on changing the birth certificate norms for issuing of passports.

The Centre had made it mandatory for all those who were born before January 26, 1989 to produce birth certificates while applying for passports.

Organisations’ demand

Several organisations, including the Kerala Sahrudaya Vedi, had been clamouring for a change in this norm and making February 26, 2007 the cut-off date for issuing passports. It is from this date that birth certificates were made mandatory for admissions to school.

In a statement here, Kerala Sahrudaya Vedi president Channankara M.P. Kunju said that passport applicants who were born before January 26, 1989 were put to great hardship as it was difficult for many to produce a birth certificate.

The date in the birth certificates differed from the relevant entries in their school certificates leading to confusion.

The change in norms, making February 26, 2007 the cut-off date, would be more practical, he said.

Mr. Kunju said that the vedi had submitted a memorandum to Mr. E.Ahmed, who had promised to take an appropriate decision.