Staff Reporter

KOCHI: Biotech, the Thiruvananthapuram-based agency under the Department of Non-Conventional Energy Source, has bagged its biggest client in the district as yet.

The agency, which is involved in propagating biogas plants as part of decentralised waste treatment, will add the name of V.R. Krishna Iyer, former Supreme Court judge, to its list of clientele on Wednesday.

District Collector M. Beena will inaugurate a biogas plant being installed at the legal luminary’s residence. “It is a portable biogas plant with a fibreglass design. It is capable of treating both liquid and solid waste and generate cooking fuel adequate enough for household use,” A. Sajidas, director of Biotech said.

The plant will cost Rs. 16,200, of which Rs. 2,700 will be in the form of subsidy from the Department of Non-Conventional Energy Sources.

The agency feels that the jurist’s name will be the biggest advertisement for its endeavour encouraging more people to adopt biogas plants.

The idea of installing a biogas unit at his residence had its genesis in a meeting the jurist had with the Collector. Dr. Beena had visited Mr. Iyer soon after assuming charge.

During the talks, he had reportedly emphasised the need to encourage biogas plants for resolving the garbage issue faced by the city. The Collector then said that she had got a biogas unit installed at her official residence at Thrissur during her stint there as Collector.

This encouraged the jurist to have a similar arrangement at his residence and conveyed the same to Dr. Beena. She promptly made arrangements by contacting Biotech.