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NGO highlights plight of blood-cancer afflicted children

Plea for special oncology block for children

Society to submit memorandum to Chief Minister

KOZHIKODE: The Guardians Society Helping for Children with Blood Cancer will support the candidate who undertakes to improve the facilities at the Kozhikode Medical College Hospital for blood-cancer afflicted children.

Society secretary, K.K. Sivadasan, in a release here said that despite the Dr. Kusuma Kumari Commission recommending a modern laboratory at the medical college hospital, the authorities had failed to set up the facility. The commission also recommended that specialist doctors be appointed at the hospital.

But that too was ignored by the authorities.

Apathy alleged

The society flayed the apathy of the Centre and the State government towards children afflicted with blood cancer. The society said it would support only the candidate who promised facilities including the setting up of a special oncology block for children at the medical college hospital.

Denial of amenities

It also flayed the alleged denial of existing amenities such as lunch room to the cancer-afflicted children. They had also been denied the quarantine facility and therefore were prone to infections. The society had brought the matter to the attention of the Hospital Superintendent and the District Collector.

Since no action was taken, memorandums would be submitted to the Chief Minister and Health Minister, besides initiating legal proceedings, the society said..

A meeting held in this connection here was presided over by society president Umesh Kumar K.A.