Tile manufacturers have said that the ban imposed by the government on clay mining in compliance with a recent Supreme Court order will ruin the tile industry in the State. If the government did not intervene, over one lakh workers who are employed directly and indirectly by the sector would be thrown out of jobs.

Speaking at a press conference here on Tuesday, Calicut Tile Manufacturers Association president M.A. Abdu Rahman, secretary M.A. Mohammed Rajai, and general secretary M.G. Gopinath said that besides the ban on mining clay, the main raw material for tile industry, the 5 per cent tax imposed by the State government and the Central Excise at the point of sale had further weakened the sector. The annual general body meeting and ‘Tile conference’ of the Federation of All India Earthen Tile Manufacturers (FAIETM) held recently in Kozhikode also expressed grave concern at the crisis that had gripped the tile sector. Kozhikode which has a number of tile factories is a major tile producer in the State,

The manufacturers said tile factories were already working well below capacity because of clay shortage. Authorities were refusing permission to mine clay even from places where it could be allowed.

  • Over 1 lakh workers employed in tile sector

  • Tile factories working well below capacity