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Here are a few suggestions to improve the traffic situation in Kochi. Countdown timers should be installed at all automatic traffic signals. Repairing of the roads at least in the major junctions like Palarivattom, Vytilla and Kundannoor will also aid in the smooth flow of traffic.

Action should be taken against buses stopping in the middle of the road, especially on M.G. Road.

Asif P.M.

Panampilly Nagar Actually, due to the peculiar and varying kind of traffic in Kochi City, we are in the process of cutting down automatic traffic lights and replacing the same with manual lights.

In the major junctions you mentioned we have automatic lights which are maintained by various agencies and not us, but we follow the matter up with these agencies so as to ensure that these are maintained in proper order.

The lights mounted on top of the tall mast at the busy junction of Kakkanad Road and bypass road need focus adjustment. Some of the lamps are directed far out and are blinding drivers approaching the junction. Also,

to facilitate smooth movement and to reduce accident possibilities, it is necessary to shift the present autorickshaw stand at Palarivattom junction. The stand now faces west in the direction opposite the flow of traffic. Autorickshaws leaving the stand and also those coming back to the stand cut across the traffic. The autos should face the opposite direction, that is, towards the east.

George C. Oommen

Padivattom We will look into the same and with some technical study, try to correct the defect. Thanks for bringing it to our notice. As for your other suggestion, they look very valid. We will surely look into the same and try to correct the same.

One-way rules are repeatedly broken by two wheelers and three wheelers and this is very common on Press Club Road and Convent Road area. As it is, the roads are very narrow there and these vehicles break the law with

impunity, creating unnecessary blockages. An autorickshaw stand has also come up in the area, adding to the congestion. The traffic police seem to be ignoring this area totally.

Shankar Menon

Willingdon Island This has not come to my notice. I will instruct the traffic wing to look into such offences and to detect cases. Also, we will see what we can do with the autorickshaw stand and reduce the congestion in that area. Thanks for the information and update.

The stretch of Sreekandath Road between M.G. Road and Chittoor Road is a two-way narrow lane and traffic was moving fairly well until a few months ago. Recently, people started parking vehicles on both sides of this narrow stretch, causing minor damage to parked/passing vehicles and blockage of traffic, often resulting in altercation between drivers/occupants.

The appearance of a few potholes during the recent rain have made things worse. Please enforce parking of vehicles only on one side of this stretch of Sreekandath Road to ease the chaotic condition. Parking on unmarked/wrong side should be punished with fines/towing the vehicles at owner’s expense.

Edathil Vijayan

Ravipuram We will try to enforce the one-side parking rule here as we are trying to do on all the major roads, to sort out the traffic problem.

To avoid congestion on the roads, can’t we introduce more boats t o advantage of the waterways so that fewer buses will be on the road. We can promote water transport on routes like Mattancherry, fort Kochi, Thoppumpady and Aroor to Ernakulam.

Raoof Ali H.

by email Actually, the optimum use of our waterways as an alternative is one of the most valid suggestions in Kochi City to sort out the traffic, but the concerned departments have to step in and fill the void, through better boats and effective and timely service so that the public start to trust this medium of transport.

Before the introduction of the new traffic system permitting east-bound traffic from Pallimukku to South overbridge, the movement from Girls HSS to Valanjambalam was far smoother and orderly. Now, it takes anything upto 30 minutes for traversing a distance of 300 metres.

This can be effectively managed if the eastward entry from Pallimukku is stopped. If the aim of this revised reform was to minimise the traffic jam on M.G. Road, an entry from any suitable interconnecting by road (say Sreekandath Road) between Chittoor Road and M.G. Road can be tried for eastward flow of traffic keeping that section one-way from M.G. Road-Chittoor Road-Valanjambalam junction-South overbridge. Now that the route to M.G. Road from Valanjambalam junction is open for bus traffic, the above suggestion should not have any bottleneck.

O.B. Nair

Poonithura Your suggestion looks workable and so we will try it on the ground before implementing the same.

If the change works well, we can think of altering the same, as per your suggestion. Thanks for the useful and studied comments.




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