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Association cites additional financial burden on institutions

Wakf Board decision to examine accounts between 2003 and 2008

Call to hold adalats to settle disputes on

Wakf-related matters’

KOZHIKODE: The Wakf Board’s move to get the accounts of institutions under its jurisdiction audited by chartered accountants has trigerred strong protests from the Kerala Wakf Muthavalli Association, formed by representatives of registered and unregistered Wakf institutions in the State.

It is the Wakf Board’s decision to get chartered accountants to examine the accounts of these institutions during the 2003-2008 period that has set off protests.

The Kerala Wakf Muthavalli Association has submitted a memorandum to Wakf Board chairman K.V. Abdul Khader urging him to withdraw the order to get the accounts audited by chartered accountants .

In a memorandum, released in Kozhikode on Saturday, the association demanded that the auditing be called off, as it would entail huge expenditure. Moreover, since “muthavallis” (office-bearers of mahals) were often changed every two years, it was not proper to insist on auditing of accounts for a five-year period, the memorandum said.

T.K. Pareekutty Haji, association president, said such auditing was unwarranted, as Wakf institutions usually donated for charitable purpose the money that was left after defraying expenditure for running the institution.

Records of payments made for charitable purposes had not been kept since such a system was not being followed in these institutions.

As Wakf institutions were already paying seven per cent of their revenue to the Wakf Board, auditing by chartered accountants would be an additional financial burden, he complained.

Emphasising the financial problems of Wakf institutions, the association complained that since revenue from coconut and other crops and from buildings given on rent had been steadily declining, Wakf institutions were in financial trouble. Under these circumstances, the practice of Wakf Board officials conducting audit of institutions and the Board meeting the expenditure incurred for it should be continued, the association demanded.

In the memorandum, the Wakf Muthavalli Association also claimed that it was against the provisions of the Central Wakf Act to ask Wakf institutions to give a share of the donations received to the Wakf Board, and urged the Board to hold adalats in all districts to settle disputes on Wakf –related matters.