The Rural police have detained at least three persons in connection with the robbery at a private bank in Attingal last month. Four men had barged into the bank when it opened for business at 9.30 a.m. on June 15, gagged and bound the employees, opened the strong room and decamped with cash and gold stored there.

The bank reported a loss of nearly Rs.15 lakh and two kg gold. The surveillance camera in the bank had caught the hazy pictures of the robbers. Investigators said the men had used a particular type of plastic cord common in the Gulf to bind the bank employees. They used their informants on the field to identify the suspects. The police zeroed in on a group of Gulf returnees who had reportedly used a similar method to rob a financial institution manned by Keralites in the Gulf.

The police learned that one of them hailed from near Kilimanoor and the other from Kattakada. They secretly monitored their activities and finally detained one of them. The police said the suspect’s arrest led them to the others. The robbery had been planned in the house of one of the accused. They had visited the bank a few times to finalise their plan. After the crime, two of them fled with the loot to Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra, where they managed to sell some of the stolen gold.

One of the recipients of the stolen gold also informed the police about the transaction.