The English translation of two long poems by Kumaran Asan has been brought out by the Department of Publications, University of Kerala, under the titles A Lioness in Confinement and The Cuckoo’s Defence .

The translator is K.M. Ajir Kutty, an employee at Mahatma Gandhi University.

Kumaran Asan wrote the first of the two poems in 1908. Its title in Malayalam is Oru Simha Prasavam . From the picture of a lioness delivered of a cub in confinement in a zoo, the poem moves into philosophical questions relating to human relations and the bondages of those relationships. The Malayalam title of the other poem is Gramavrikshathinte Kuyil , and in it, Kumaranan Asan defends himself against criticism levelled against him for taking up the position of the Sree Narayana Dharma Paripalana Yogam those days.

The publication wing of the university said it hoped to add several new books to its list of publications, already rich with a number of notable titles, this year.