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Kozhikode reports H1N1 death

Kozhikode city has 60 confirmed cases

Kozhikode: Health officials have intensified screening in the wake of the first A(H1N1) deaths in the district on December 3.

Since the outbreak of the fever, 121 cases were confirmed in the district. The month-wise statistics indicated a steady increase with almost all cases bearing no travel history. This indicates that the infected cases are indigenous in nature.

While one case was confirmed in July, August saw 15 and September 17.

The number rose to 21 in October followed by a spurt in confirmed cases to 62 in November.

So far, four cases were confirmed in December.

Public health officials said 21 schools had been affected with 39 students being confirmed with A(H1N1). School administrators have been directed to ask students with fever to stay back at their homes and seek immediate treatment.

Health officials said the symptoms of the infection had shown variations. Earlier, patients complained of cough and acute respiratory distress.

Recently, most persons arrived for treatment with high fever. Experts said the fall in temperature from November could be a reason for the change. Officials said they were not waiting for results of the swab to start treatment.

Confirmed cases had been reported from Kozhikode Corporation, Vadakara and Koyilandy and 31 of the 78 grama panchayats. Of this, the Kozhikode Corporation is the worst hit with 60 confirmed cases.

Officials had earlier feared that the passage of pilgrims during the Sabarimala season would see a rise in the number of cases.

A two-year-old boy hailing from Palakkad at the paediatric intensive care unit of the Kozhikode Medical College and a Kozhikode native admitted to a private hospital were the ones who succumbed to the flu on December 3.