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Centre says assistance is conditional upon full scheme implementation

Raising the age of superannuation a condition

Incorporate new provisions in statutes : Ministry

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The Ministry of Human Resource Development has come out with fresh instructions to the State governments making Central assistance for implementation of UGC scheme conditional upon the States implementing the composite scheme, including raising the age of superannuation.

The Ministry's stipulation is of crucial significance to Kerala given the State government's proposal to implement the UGC scheme without raising the age of superannuation of college teachers. The State has decided to do so citing the decision of several other States not to go in for raise in retirement age, but the present communication from the Ministry suggests that it may have to do some rethinking.


The Ministry's stipulations are contained in a letter written on May 11 by V. Umashankar, director, Department of Higher Education under the Ministry of Human Resource Development, to all State governments making it clear that the State governments must implement the scheme as a composite one, including proposals relating to the age of superannuation mentioned in the Ministry's letter of December 31, 2008, without any modification except in regard to the date of implementation and any upward revision in the pay-scales to suit the local conditions.

The Central assistance for implementation of the UGC scheme would constitute 80 per cent of the additional expenditure. The remaining 20 per cent would have to be met by State governments. The UGC scheme and scales would have retrospective effect from January 1, 2006, and the Central assistance would be available for the period up to March 31, 2010. The entire liability accruing with effect from April 1, 2010, on account of the revision of pay scales and other expenditure would have to be met by State governments.

The Ministry has said that Central assistance would become available to them only after they adopt the scheme, including the age of superannuation for those engaged in ‘in class' teaching, and disbursal of salaries based on revised pay scales and after scrutiny of the detailed proposals as are received.

The Ministry has sought changes in the statutes, ordinances, rules and regulations of universities and managements of colleges to incorporate provisions of the UGC scheme in them.