Staff Reporter

Kozhikode: The 43 {+r} {+d} edition of Ragam, a cultural festival of the National Institute of Technology, Calicut (NIT-C), will be held from March 24 to 27 on the campus of the institute. Ragam will feature competitions, stage shows and workshops. The competitions offer a prize money of Rs.2.8 lakh.

This year, artistes such as KK and Naresh Iyer and the U.K.-based band ‘Higher on Maiden' will perform on March 25, 26 and 27, respectively. A new feature at this year's edition is the attempt to groom talent through workshops to teach dance, journalism, film making and acting. The film-making workshop will conclude by producing a short film.

The competitive part of the festival tests students' skills with words, music, dancing, dramatics and fine arts. The literary events include JAM, debating, extempore, ‘Spelling Bee,' ‘Block and tackle,' creative writing and love letter writing. A new addition to the literary events is ‘The Last Word,' which deals with several facets of journalism, including print and visual media.

The dance events include both group and solo events. One dance event, ‘Duplicate,' demands precise movements between two dancers separated by an opaque screen. ‘Pair-Fect' is a couple-dance event. The dramatic events are ‘chakravyuham,' ‘kathaprasangam,' ‘street play,' drama, mono-act and mime.

The group musical events are ‘Amplified,' ‘Accoustics' and ‘Swara Raaga.'