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Suspected chikungunya cases in Tirunelveli

Health administration put on alert

Health check-posts planned at Parassala

Thiruvananthapuram: The large number of suspected chikungunya cases or cases of ‘mysterious viral fever’ in the bordering district of Tirunelveli in Tamil Nadu has put the district health administration on alert .

The district health administration has been advised by the State Disease Control and Monitoring Cell to set up health check-posts along the Parassala border and initiate fogging on all buses coming into the State from Tamil Nadu.

Action plan

“A joint or inter-district action plan is required to ensure that the infection is not passed across the border to us through mosquitoes. At the administrative level, the District Collectors of Tirunelveli and Thiruvananthapuram will have to initiate discussions on the precautions to be taken. We are planning to start the fogging of buses coming into the State from Tamil Nadu at the border immediately, the same strategy they had adopted when chikungunya first came to the southern part of the State in 2006,” a senior health official said.

“Three blocks along the Tamil Nadu border - Vellarada, Poovar and Vithura - are definitely vulnerable as there is a lot of travel across the border. The medical officers and health supervisors in these blocks have been asked to be on alert against any upward trend in fever cases,” he added.

Four Plus Strategy

The Four Plus Strategy - a State-level intensive action plan to prevent and control four infectious diseases - malaria, dengue, chikungunya and leptospirosis - was released by Chief Minister V.S. Achuthanandan here on Wednesday.

Public health experts said that one should expect the outbreak of vector-borne diseases like chikungunya and dengue at any time of the year as infected adult aedes mosquitoes were present aplenty throughout the year.