Staff Reporter

Kozhikode: It was a dance down memory lane for Mallika Sarabhai in Kozhikode on Tuesday. “I danced on this very stage in the first edition of the Malabar Mahotsavam,” she said, talking to reporters at the Beach Open Stage, the main venue of the 13th edition Malabar Mahotsvam, which opened on Tuesday.

Mallika, dressed in a maroon top and flowing skirt, remembered her performance of 1992. “I had done a proper Bharatanatyam ‘katcheri’ at that time, so different from the show I would be doing tonight, which is more of a celebration of India’s varied traditions in dance,” she said.

Mallika, who has also left her mark in film and theatre, said the inaugural Malabar Mahotsavam was her first experience of dancing in a beach. “It was a lovely experience, and there was a strong sea wind blowing across, and I often had to keep my hair in place with my hands,” she smiled.