Staff Reporter

KOLLAM: Historian M.S. Jayaprakash says that Kundara Vilambaram (Kundara Declaration) does not have any historical significance since Velu Thampi Dalawa himself had annulled the declaration soon afterwards. With such a backdrop, the 200th anniversary celebrations of the Kundara Vilambaram, under way in the State, have no significance, he says.

In a statement here on Friday, Dr. Jayaprakash said that in the Travancore kingdom only the Maharajas had the authority to make a ‘vilambaram.’ No Dewan, including Velu Thampi Dalawa, had made a proclamation. In respect of the so-called Kundara Vilambaram, the Maharaja had not signed it, Dr. Jayaprakash pointed out.

The contents of the Kundara Vilambaram were against the interests of the Maharaja and Dalawa declared war against the British without the consent of the Maharaja. A declaration that had been denied was historically null and void. Moreover, the Maharaja had also expressed regrets over the declaration, he said.