In spite of the fact that the global financial melt down is being felt, the automobile industry especially that of the passenger car segment in the country remains largely unaffected and is all poised for steady growth. With new models and easy finance at competitive rates, the automobile players are rapidly making inroads into the yet-to-be tapped areas.

The passenger car segment that has witnessed stiff competition during past few years is all likely to orchestrate it further in the days to come. And as of now, all major car makers in the country are busy planning strategies for future. Industry sources reveal that all car makers, right from the entry level to the premium segment, have registered satisfactory results in the recent past and are all set to surge ahead with more new models, new editions and other attractive offers.

Many of the automobile manufacturers are also planning to increase their dealer networks with a view to expand and consolidate .This apart, the stimulus package that’s likely to be announced soon will further give a much needed boost to the automobile industry as a whole, feel many.

A number of models launched by some of the car makers also have enhanced the customer confidence. The fact that several financial institutions are entering into alliance with car makers for financing their products also augurs well for the car industry. Most car makers are also eyeing small cities and rural areas more seriously than ever.

With factors such as more flexible automotive loans that offer attractive interest rates, more export orders, more dealerships and newer models, the sales graph of cars is likely to go up in the months to come.