Old is gold

The high-tech buses introduced by the Kerala Road Transport Corporation a few years ago have been proved to be unsuitable for the roads condition in the State. It took nearly five years to realise these buses were a misfit on the bad roads in the State.

Moreover, these buses do no have proper ventilation and enough space to move around. Under these circumstances, the old model ones should be brought back.

Incidentally, the entry door of the Ananthapuri buses now operating in Thiruvananthapuram city is kept closed. Commuters, especially women, find it difficult to board the buses. The authorities should take steps to keep the doors open.

Bal Payyannur,


A commuter's plea

It has been a long-standing demand of the people of Chirayinkeezhu for a stoppage for Parasuram Express at the station.

Hundreds of people travel between Kollam and Chirayinkeezhu in the evening hours. Moreover, commuters from Attingal, Korani, Venjaramoodu and Alamcode mainly depend on Chirayinkeezhu station for their onward journey.

The railway authorities should introduce a halt for Parasuram Express at Chirayinkeezhu, which would be of immense help to those travelling from Kollam to Chirayinkeezhu in the evening time.

Vimal P.B.,


Double line

At present, there is only one railway line from Thiruvananthapuram Central railway station up to Nagercoil. Because of this, new or additional trains are not being introduced on this route. Hence, the Railway authorities should take steps to double the line on the Thiruvananthapuram-Nagercoil route. Steps should also be taken to start a railway repair workshop at Nemom, where the Railways has about 25 acres of land under its possession.

V.G. Balakrishnan,