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Says UDF has ensured social justice for all

Says the UDF should uphold its development agendaNew policy for fishermen community soon UDF has ensured industrial revival in the State

KOLLAM: Congress Working Committee member A.K. Antony has said that anyone prepared to return by recognising the policies of Congress president Sonia Gandhi need not be kept away from the party.

Inaugurating the C.M. Stephen commemoration organised by the Kollam DCC on Monday, he said that such persons should in fact be welcomed into the party.

January 16 was the 22nd death anniversary of C.M. Stephen and the commemoration programme was organised as part of the golden jubilee of the Congress Bhavan.

Mr. Antony said that the general psyche of Kerala was "pro UDF". "People are aware of the fact that if the State has to develop, the UDF will have to come to power again. The UDF rule has ensured social justice for all."

He said the CPI(M) had brought no development in the State. The UDF should continue to uphold development as its main agenda for the State.

Mr. Antony said during the UDF rule, the CPI(M) had been consistently opposing all development activities. The Global Investors Meet (GIM) organised by the UDF Government was the first step towards development. But the CPI(M) had vehemently opposed the GIM agenda. Now after four-and-a-half years, the CPI(M) had come out with a development agenda as the main motto through a march from Kasaragod.

He said that in the next few days the UDF would come out with a major programme for the development of the fishermen community and the coastal region.

The UDF intervention had resulted in the industrial revival of the State. The Kerala State Cashew Development Corporation (KSCDC) was able to provide record working days to cashew workers.

This was achieved because the Government took up the KSCDC liabilities of Rs.107 crores created during previous LDF Government.

Mr. Antony described C.M. Stephen as a great leader who was able to function as an effective trouble-shooter whenever the party faced a crisis.

It was mainly because of C.M. Stephen's tactics that the CPI(M) plan of ruling Kerala failed and instead a Government led by C. Achutha Menon came to power.

DCC president Sooranad Rajashekaran, in his presidential address, said that as part of the C.M. Stephen commemoration, the DCC would present a draft plan for the overall development of Kollam district.