There is no end to the projects and promises to end the drinking water crisis. But, nothing seems to be coming out of the promises, except more and more of them. Interestingly, even the officials of the Kerala Water Authority seem to be a little bit sceptical about the whole gamut of projects and promises being lined up before the public. While talking about the much-publicised DFID-assisted water supply augmentation scheme , which is expected to end the water scarcity of the West Kochi, one senior official narrated an anecdote.

'To cook a meal, you need some rice, and a vessel, at least. But, for cooking more food, you need not only a bigger vessel, but also more rice. If you are just given a bigger vessel, and no rice, how can you get more food?'

The implication is clear. You might get more tanks and more pipelines. But, without getting more water from Aluva, what is the use?

Renu Ramanath