`Rachana Malayalam' to be launched tomorrow

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: For Malayalis who have so far lived with various text editor versions, here is something to cheer about.

A group of lexicologists and IT professionals have teamed up to develop what they claim to be a Unicode-compliant Malayalam Operating System.

The four-member team, comprising R. Chithraja Kumar, K. H. Hussain, N. Gangadharan and Rajiv Sebastian, has developed the operating system, stated to be the first in any Indian language, on Linux platform.

Titled `Rachana Malayalam,' the operating system has Office Suite and other software for web browsing, chatting, PDF viewing, music player, video player, image viewer, CD burning, downloading, blogging, desk-top sharing, software package management, automatic back-up, compression, encryption, address book, calendar, diary and e-mailing built into it.

Mr. Chithraja Kumar told mediapersons here on Tuesday that though currently there were various Malayalam text editor software available in market, these facilitate only transliteration and inscription and enable computer users only to key-in Malayalam alphabets in windows platform.

"These text editors have their limitations in presentation, organisation and transmission of information. Rachana Malayalam has solutions for all these," he said.

The entire searching and database management in computers are based on sorting.

By installing `Rachana Malayalam,' it would be possible to save file names in Malayalam and these can be searched and sorted using Malayalam alphabets. For those who are not familiar with the computer keyboard can key in alphabets with the help of mouse.

Mr. Chithraja Kumar said the operating system would be formally launched here on Thursday.