Staff Reporter

KOCHI: Model Engineering College and Young Indians will organise Technopreneur 2006, a lecture series by representatives of the Indian corporate sector here on Thursday.

Umang Patodia, Managing Director, Patspin India Ltd., will speak on "India: A global business opportunity" on the inaugural day. This session will highlight the scope of entrepreneurship in different business sectors with reference to the rapid growth of Indian economy.

Jayadev Gopalakrishnan, Chief Executive Officer, Tinfomobile, will speak on "Innovations simplified: The art of lateral thinking." Mr. Gopalakrishnan's lecture will focus on developing innovative successful business ideas.

Suhas Gopinath, Chief Executive Officer, Globals Inc, will speak on building entrepreneurship among the youth.

Kochouseph Chittilapilly, founder, V-Guard Industries, will speak on "Creation of the ultimate brand." S. Gopalakrishnan, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, Infosys Technologies, will give a lecture on "Successful entrepreneurship breaking the myth."

Technopreneur will be held at Hotel Renaissance.

It is being held as part of Excel 2K6, a technical symposium organised by students of Model Engineering College from Thursday to Saturday.

Students of the college will strive to break a Guinness record on the occasion. A memory wiz will demonstrate his talents by trying to memorise any random list of 200 objects and 10,000 digits of the mathematical constant `pi' during the event.

Workshops on hacking and academic and non-academic projects using free software will be held on the occasion. During the event, students of the college will present a project on an intelligent lighting system involving white LEDs that turn on as it senses the presence of people in the room.

The project is based on a technical incubation platform. Students plan to explore the possibilities of developing an actual product based on their community endeavour.