P.J. Antony was a legend who strode over the theatre and cinema of Kerala for decades. His extraordinary prowess as an actor had fetched the first ever Bharat award for the best actor for Malayalam cinema. Prathibha Theatres, the theatre group he started in Kochi, was the epicentre of dramatic activity in this area for a long time.

He had also penned a few brilliant plays, which were not staged much after his lifetime. These include `Socrates,' based on the life and death of the great philosopher. The quest for truth and the endless queries that robbed those in power of their sleep, characteristic of the thinker, were close to P.J. Antony's heart too.

Now, P.J. Antony Foundation, based in Kochi, is bringing to stage the play once again. Directed by A.R. Ratheesan, the play will be staged on Tuesday, on the 27th death anniversary of the great actor. The venue will be Kerala Fine Arts Hall. The cast include P.R.D. Babu, John Mundakkel, A.H. Shanavas, Thammanam Babu, Vishwam Panambukadu, P.K. Jayanthan, P. Santhan, Toby Pooppadan, Nahab Thammanam, T. Padmakumar, Jose Maliekkal, Gokulan and Jyothi Babuji.

Mayor Mercy Williams will inaugurate the memorial meeting at 5 p.m. Foundation president E.N. Purushothaman will preside over the meeting. Asokan Engandiyoor will make the P.J. Antony Memorial Lecture. Salim Kumar, who won the best supporting actor award in films, and Xavier Pulpatt, who won the best actor award in theatre, will be given a reception at the meeting. The play will begin at 6.30 p.m.