Staff Reporter

KOZHIKODE: V. Sivakumar has come up with over 70 oil and watercolour paintings in his exhibition titled `Colour Splash,' now on at the Lalithakala Akademi Art Gallery here. Sivakumar has not studied painting formally.

The exhibition includes his paintings drawn between 2003 and 2006. He loves to paint portraits. There are also a couple of paintings depicting natural scenes. Krishna appears to be Sivakumar's favourite as the god appears in a few paintings. He has attempted a few paintings that resemble modern art.

Sivakumar had studied civil engineering at Palakkad NSS Engineering College. A native of Palakkad district, he is now staying in Kozhikode engaged in construction activities. The construction engineer in him is seen in a couple of paintings of buildings, such as on giving an aerial view of a building.

The painting, `Senses,' that depict rays coming out of eyes is one that merits attention. `Samhita' rituals is another painting that is interesting. The show will end on Wednesday.