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Pact with UDF was for securing safe seat for Muraleedharan, says M.A. John

KOZHIKODE: The former vice-president of the DIC(K) M.A. John has termed the recent statement by K. Muraleedharan that the DIC(K) alliance with the LDF in the local bodies would be ended after the Assembly elections as a betrayal of the cadres and an act of pure opportunism.

Addressing mediapersons here on Wednesday, Mr. John announced the formation of DIC(K) Left Forum of party cadres, which would continue to support the alliance with the LDF.

The forum was opposed to the present political stance of the DIC(K).

He asserted that the DIC(K) was launched with the objective of aligning with progressive forces and on the premise of Congress-Marxist unity.

According to him, the stance of Mr. Muraleedharan to forge an alliance with the UDF to fight the election and an alleged secret pact to merge with the Congress amounted to betrayal of the cadres.

Mr. John alleged that the new pact with the UDF was forged with the sole purpose to secure a safe seat for Mr. Muraleedharan.

"Mr. Muraleedharan can win only from constituencies which have voters who will vote blindly only for a particular party. Under the circumstances, he can get elected only from Marxist-dominated or Muslim League-dominated constituencies, where he can be assured of a sure win."

He said it was only on the basis of this single purpose that the DIC(K) had to sacrifice its individuality.

"Mr. Muraleedharan lost in Wadakancherry, a Congress bastion, because Congressmen voted on their own individuality. As such, it will be difficult for him to win from such Congress-dominated constituencies if he fought on a DIC(K) ticket. He sought the support of the Muslim League to get a safe seat when the Marxists failed to do so."

"In Wayanad, Radha Raghavan has been made a scapegoat to ensure a winnable seat of the Muslim League for Mr. Muraleedharan in Koduvally," Mr. John alleged.

He alleged that counter statements by K. Karunakaran and Mr. Muraleedharan on the issue of selection of the Chief Minister arose when there was a feeling of fall in fortunes of the father and son.

Such statements were made earlier too, when Mr. Muraleedharan was the KPCC president. Such statements only created confusion among the party cadres.

To float new party

The DIC(K) Left Forum would float a new party after the elections. District-level conventions of the forum were being planned. The first convention would be held at Sulthan Bathery on April 17.

Mr. John is the chairman of the newly formed forum.

The former Mayor of Kozhikode U.T. Rajan, member of Waqf Board T.K. Syed Ali Kutty, chairman of standing committee, Ernakulam District Panchayat, Anil Kanhili, and E.P. Philipkutty, are the general conveners of the forum.