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Thiruvananthapuram: New generation drugs and treatment methods are evolving for the effective treatment of diabetes, experts pointed out at a recent discussion on modern methods of diabetes control, organised by the Indian Diabetes Education Association (IDEA) here.

Inaugurating the discussion, A. K. Das, the Additional Director, Health Service, Government of India and the former Director of the Indian Institute of Diabetes here, said that systematic treatment was the key to the proper control of diabetes.

A new class of injectible drug, Pramlintide, has been found to be very effective in controlling blood sugar levels after food and for weight control. A synthetic hormone, it slows the rate at which food is absorbed from the intestine.

Another class of drugs, Incretin hormones or gastrointestinal hormones, could also lead to significant advances in the treatment and management of Type II diabetes.

The drug slows the rate of absorption of nutrients into the blood stream and may directly reduce food intake.

Rimonabant is another classification of drugs that can help in weight loss and control of lipid levels in blood.

While these new generation drugs could bring about significant benefits to those with Type II diabetes, the cheap first-line drugs available commonly in the market are enough for the effective control of the disease, provided, the treatment is regular, experts said.

The new website of IDEA,, was also launched on the occasion.

Over 300 delegates from across the country attended the workshop.