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Foreign tourists list fireworks display as the least interestingPooram fans is the second biggest attraction for the touristsChendamelam, Anachamayam other major attractions

THRISSUR: Among the spectacles that make the Thrissur Pooram a major cultural event of the State, elephants make the most exciting impression on the minds of foreign tourists, says a survey conducted by the District Tourism Promotion Council.

The huge crowd of Pooram fans is the second biggest attraction for the tourists, who thronged the festival this year, while fireworks display is listed as the least interesting.

According to the survey findings, elephants scored 172 points in attracting foreign tourists, while the crowd scored 114 points. Chendamelam (percussion concert) scored 107 points and Anachamayam (elephant decorations) 86.

The much-debated fireworks display, which became particularly controversial this year following the death of seven persons in an explosion during the production of Pooram crackers, scored 50 points.

Nearly 64 per cent of the foreign tourists came for the Pooram through recommendations from friends. Eighteen per cent of them were attracted to it because of photo opportunities.

Among the foreign tourists who had come this year, only eight per cent were brought by tour operators. Thirty-six per cent of the tourists surveyed gave third rank to Thrissur Pooram among world-class festivals, while 30 per cent gave it first rank and 26 per cent ranked it second.

Nearly 54 per cent of the tourists had come exclusively to see Thrissur Pooram.