Staff Reporter

KOCHI: Infrastructurers Kerala Limited (InKel) has proposed, among several other projects, setting up a Sustainable Development Zone on 4.5 square kilometres of land in Edakochi as a pilot project for demonstrating the concept that has been mooted by architects and planners as a solution to the problems related to rapid urbanisation.

The proposed Sustainable Development Zone will comprise a high-rise development zone on 30 acres of land with a Floor Area Ratio of between 5 and 6.

This will be the core area and will act as the hub of the sustainable zone with mixed land use for residential, commercial and other purposes. There will be other supporting infrastructure facilities as backup for the zone. The core area will also promote the concept of ‘walk-to-work’ and will be pedestrian-friendly.

InKel says in its project proposal that the rate of urbanisation in Kerala is rapid and that many of the town and cities have grown in unplanned manner. There are infrastructure bottlenecks.

According to the proposal, the high-rise zone would be supported by low density zones with restricted Floor Area Ratio.

InKel proposal has mooted a private public partnership model for implementing the Edakochi project and the developer of the 30 acres of high-rise zone will have to be selected through a transparent process.

The low density development areas can be developed by a company after the name Edakochi Development Company with the local MLA, Mayor of the Corporation and selected councillors on the Board.

The total investment involved in the proposed project in Edakochi is Rs.1,200 crore and InKel, set up by the Government of Kerala with the objective of increasing the pace of industrial infrastructure development in the State, is doing a study to take it forward.

According to the proposal, the Edakochi project, when successfully implemented, can be replicated elsewhere in the State.

The full benefits of the project can reach the population within three years of implementing the project.