The KWA's ways

Having installed a water meter on its own, the Kerala Water Authority (KWA) collects monthly rental for such installations from domestic consumers through their tri-monthly bills. So far so good.

But the catch for the consumer comes when this water meter goes defective. The KWA immediately insists the user to replace it on their own. Those who do not do such replacements are penalised in a big way in subsequent bills.

What is the logic in asking the consumer to replace a defective meter installed by the KWA and for which the former was paying rental?

Capt. (Rtd.) O. Mathai


Uncovered drain

The drain starting from House No. N-6, Sastrinagar North, up to Sastrinagar Society building, has been lying open for the last two years. When the matter was brought to the notice of the PWD Chief Engineer through a newspaper, the official replied that "if a complaint in this matter is given by the residents' association, urgent action would be taken, after inspecting the site.' Then, the Sastrinagar Residents' Association submitted a representation. But, till date, no action has been taken.

V.G. Balakrishnan


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