Roy Mathew

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Search engine Google has flagged the official Web site of the Chief Electoral Officer of Kerala,, as suspicious.

Its advisory for the site says that the site carries malicious software, including five Trojans. Though the search engine lists the site at the top of its results for search terms “Chief Electoral Officer Kerala,” the listing says that the site may harm the user’s computer.

The site showed suspicious activity twice, the last being on Saturday, according to Google. Test of two pages by Google resulted in malicious software being downloaded and installed without user consent.

Interestingly, the official Web site has a commercial domain (.com) and does not use the domain reserved for government sites. Its previous site (, hosted by the National Informatics Centre, remains practically unattended since the last elections except for posting of the electoral rolls recently.


Official sources said the presence of malware on the site resulted from infection of a computer in the Chief Electoral Office. Consequently, infected files got uploaded to the server. These had been cleared and the site was safe for use now. Google had also been informed of this.

Chief Electoral Officer Nalini Netto said that the office was using the .com domain as it was registered some years ago and remained with it.